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Different countries have different requirements and regulations on the import and export of goods. The following is a summary of some issues that China should pay attention to when exporting to different countries:

A kind of Countries required to declare AMS and ENS

The countries that need to declare AMS are the United States, Canada and Mexico. (the United States does not need to declare ISF, but it must be provided to the US Customs 48 hours before the departure of the ship, otherwise there will be a fine of USD 5000, AMS fee of 25 US dollars / ticket, if modified, 40 dollars / ticket). (AMS: US Customs anti-terrorism manifest, fee charged by shipping company or forwarder)

The countries that need to declare ENS are: all EU Member States, and the ENS fee is 25-35 US dollars / ticket. (ENS: entry summary declaration form of EU countries)

A kind of Countries where wood packaging needs fumigation and disinfection

The countries that need fumigation and disinfection for wooden packaging are: Australia, the United States, Canada, Korea, Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Israel, Brazil, Chile and Panama.

A kind of Countries requiring certificate of origin (C / O)

Countries requiring certificate of origin: Cambodia, Canada, UAE, Doha, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.


The final consignee must have the right of import and export, otherwise it can not be cleared for import. Therefore, it takes about one month to modify the bill of lading. (this is very important. Some people don't know what to do and the consequences are very serious.)

A kind of Saudi Arabia

All goods imported to Saudi Arabia must be palletized and packed with country of origin and shipping mark. Since February 25, 2009, all arriving goods that fail to use pallets will be fined SAR1000 (US $267) / 20 'and sar1500 (US $400) / 40' respectively. It's for the guests themselves.

A kind of Brazil

1. Only three originals of the full set of bill of lading are accepted, which can not be modified. The freight amount must be shown on the bill of lading (only in USD or Euro). The bill of lading with "to order" is not acceptable. The contact information (telephone number and address) of the consignee should be shown on the bill of lading;

2. The CNPJ number of the consignee must be shown on the bill of lading (the consignee must be a registered company), and the consignee must be a company registered in the Customs at the destination (CNPJ is the registration number of the legal person country (the legal person here refers to the company). CNPJ is issued by the Brazilian Ministry of finance. Every regular shop in Brazil must hang a sign similar to China's "business license" with the CNPJ registration number on it. )

3. You can't pay on delivery, you can't collect more money at the port of destination. Wood packing should be fumigated, so more attention should be paid to LCL quotation.

4. In recent years, there are no bills of lading released, so we must ensure that all payments can be made to the account.

A kind of Mexico

1. To declare AMS bill of lading, it is necessary to display commodity code and provide AMS information and packing list invoice;

2. Notify indicates the third party notifier, which is usually the agent of freight forwarding company or consignee;

3. Shipper shows the real shipper and signee shows the real consignee;

4. The product name cannot display the general name, but the detailed product name should be displayed;

5. Number of pieces: it is required to display the detailed number of pieces. For example: there are 50 boxes of goods in 1pallet, which can not only display 1 PLT, but must display 1 pallet containing 50 cartons;

6. The bill of lading should show the origin of the goods. If the bill of lading is changed to the bill of lading after the ship leaves, it will cause at least USD200 fine.

A kind of Chile

Chile does not accept telex release of bills of lading, wood packaging to fumigation.

A kind of Panama

Telex release of B / L is not acceptable. Wood package should be fumigated. Packing list and invoice should be provided.

Through the colon free zone (Cologne Free Trade Zone) transit, the goods to Panama (Panama) must be able to overlap stacking and forklift operation, and the single piece weight cannot exceed 2000kgs.

A kind of Columbia

The bill of lading must show the freight amount (only in US dollar or Euro).

A kind of India

No matter FOB or CIF, no matter whether the bill of lading is "to order of shipper", whether the bill of lading is in your hand or not, the Indian side can not pay and is legal. In the bill of entry (import declaration manifest) and IgM As long as the name of the Indian customer is shown on the (import cargo manifest), you have lost the right to the goods, no matter whether the bill of lading is in your hand or not, so you must make 100% advance payment as far as possible. You must pay special attention to this.

A kind of Russia

1. Customers must pay in time, or you have long-term cooperation, otherwise it is recommended to pay first! Or you should pay 75% in advance;

2. After the goods arrive at the port, we must urge the customers to pay and the customers to pick up the goods. Otherwise, after the goods arrive at the port or station, no one will pick up the goods and the goods will be blacked out by the customs, or you will have to pay a high fee. At the same time, the customers can release the goods without bills of lading through the relationship, which is sometimes unreasonable and unclear in this market!

3. In view of the procrastination style of the Russian people, we must remember that we should urge them to pay in advance, pick up the goods, or collect the balance payment.

A kind of Kenya

The Kenya Bureau of standards (kebs) started to implement the pre export standard compliance verification program (PVOC) on September 29, 2005. Therefore, PVOC has been adopted since 2005. The products in PVOC catalogue must obtain the certificate of conformity (COC) before shipment. COC certificate is a compulsory customs clearance document in Kenya. Without this certificate, goods will be refused entry into Kenya port.

A kind of Egypt

1. For the goods exported to Egypt, the commodity inspection bureau shall carry out pre shipment inspection and supervision;

2. Whether the commodity inspection is required by law or not, the customer needs to provide the certificate replacement certificate or voucher, formal power of attorney for inspection, packing list, invoice and contract;

You can get the customs clearance certificate with the Customs Inspection Bureau in advance

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