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For the enterprises that often go abroad to participate in the exhibition, the word "exhibition subsidy" is often mentioned. The relevant policies of exhibition subsidy are often changed every year. In the process of applying for subsidies, various problems will be encountered. The conditions for applying for exhibition subsidies are explained in detail.

A kind of Exhibition subsidy

Exhibition subsidy is a part of international market development funds of small and medium-sized enterprises. It is a preferential policy for small and medium-sized enterprises to implement the "going out" strategic plan. It aims to encourage more small and medium-sized enterprises to actively participate in the exhibition and expand the international market. When enterprises go abroad to participate in the exhibition, they can enjoy a certain amount of financial subsidies.

A kind of Purpose of exhibition subsidy:

Exhibition subsidies are mainly used to support small and medium-sized enterprises and enterprises, social organizations and institutions that serve small and medium-sized enterprises to organize their activities of opening up the international market. It mainly supports holding or participating in overseas exhibitions, international market promotion, developing emerging markets and overseas bidding. Among them, priority should be given to expanding activities in emerging international markets such as Latin America, Africa, the Middle East, Eastern Europe and Southeast Asia; electromechanical and high-tech products implementing the strategy of winning by quality and prospering trade through science and technology; and small and medium-sized enterprises that have obtained international certification such as quality management system certification, environmental management system certification and product certification will be given priority support.

A kind of Declaration conditions of exhibition subsidy:

1. Enterprises with legal person status, import and export operation right or foreign economic cooperation qualification, and the export volume of last year was less than 65 million US dollars. (Note: in 2015, some provinces and cities require less than US $65 million, while some provinces and cities require less than $45 million, which shall be subject to the notice of the local commerce bureau.)

2. In the past two years, there have been no illegal activities in the management of foreign trade business, finance and taxation, foreign exchange management and customs administration. Exhibition information

3. It is an enterprise that has professional personnel to develop international market and has clear working arrangement and plan for developing international market.

4. In the small and medium-sized enterprise international market development fund application network registration and publicity.

A kind of The amount limit of exhibition subsidy:

In general, the proportion of exhibition subsidy should not exceed 50% of the amount of supporting projects in principle. However, for small and medium-sized enterprises in the western region and preferential market development activities, the proportion of support can be appropriately increased to 70%.

A kind of Violation and punishment of exhibition subsidy:

1. For the behavior of withholding, misappropriating and embezzling the use scope of exhibition subsidy funds without authorization, the behavior of using false materials and certificates to defraud funds, and the behavior of repeatedly applying for exhibition subsidies by using the same project, the financial department will recover the obtained subsidy funds, and the foreign trade department will cancel its Application qualification, and will not allow them to apply for market development funds within five years.

2. If the small and medium-sized enterprise office or local undertaking unit fails to perform its duties in accordance with the regulations, the foreign trade and Economic Cooperation Department, together with the financial department, will issue a circular of criticism to the small and medium-sized enterprise office or the local undertaking unit until it is disqualified.

3. For more serious acts, the foreign economic and trade department and the financial department will give administrative sanctions to the person in charge of the project and the person directly responsible. If the case constitutes a crime, the case shall be submitted to the judicial department for criminal responsibility according to law.

A kind of Application procedure guide

Step 1: for enterprises applying for exhibition subsidies for the first time, they need to open up funds online in the international market of small and medium-sized enterprises Conduct enterprise registration publicity.

Step 2: click "register online"

After the prompt information is filled in successfully, a 4-page registration form will be automatically generated. After the printed form (in duplicate) is stamped with the official seal, it will be submitted to the local foreign trade and economic department for approval together with the copies of business license, organization code certificate, tax registration certificate and foreign trade operator qualification certificate (in duplicate).

Step 3: after the on-site filing, a unique login name and password will be given, as well as things like u shield. These things are usually handed over to the financial department for safekeeping, because all the subsidy funds, materials submitted for subsidy application and subsidy distribution are all completed through this system.

Step 4: after the approval, the enterprise does not need to register again, and will participate in the exhibition in the future Click "online declaration". Enter the login name and password to enter the enterprise exclusive page. Click each tab as needed.

1. Enterprises confirm that they meet the requirements of exhibition subsidy declaration and develop fund network management system in the international market of small and medium-sized enterprises( )After the registration is completed and publicized, the Department of foreign trade and economic cooperation can apply for the subsidy of the exhibition project in the current year at the specified time of each year. The specific declaration time will be notified by the Bureau of Commerce, once or twice a year, or missed.

2. The next step for the declaration enterprises is to log in to the network management system of international market development funds of small and medium-sized enterprises within the specified period of time, and click "online declaration" to make plan declaration. Fill in the project plan application carefully, because once the content of the project plan application is generated, it will be difficult to modify.

3. After the competent department has approved and publicized the plan application project, the enterprise can click "online declaration" to carry out the relevant operation of fund appropriation application. After completing the fund appropriation application, the enterprise shall send the printed "project plan application form" and "fund appropriation application form" together with other relevant certificates required by the project, such as:

1) A copy of the invitation letter from the Organizing Committee of the exhibition;

2) . copies of the approval documents of the relevant national ministries and commissions (Shanghai, Tianjin and group projects);

3) . exhibitor's

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