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A kind of Start with your goals

Different goals require different promotion strategies. For example, if you want to improve the popularity of new companies or new products, banner advertising and event sponsorship are good choices; if you have identified the target group, it is more suitable to choose targeted direct mail and individual exhibition invitation.

A kind of Coordinate with other marketing activities

Exhibitions should be used as part of the overall marketing strategy, and should not be used in isolation. The exhibition should be infiltrated into other media activities: the advertisement should be marked with "welcome to our booth..." And publicize the exhibition information in the website and customized communication.

A kind of Read the brochure

Most exhibitions provide exhibitors with comprehensive publicity guide. Make sure the brochure is sent to the right person (Marketing Manager or public relations agency), make full use of all free publicity opportunities and keep in mind that all deadlines are adhered to.

A kind of Invite target customers

According to the latest research, 83% of the most successful exhibitors (measured by the number of business and sales leads) send invitation to their existing customers and potential customers before the exhibition (data source: Exhibition Industry Research Center). As for the mailing list, you can choose your own list, or you can purchase the list from outside, or you can use the pre registered audience list of the exhibition. In the invitation letter, the recipients should be attracted to the exhibition by presenting exhibition tickets and other forms.

A kind of Login to the exhibition catalogue

The exhibition catalogue is the most authoritative exhibition guide, which comprehensively introduces the exhibitors, exhibits and booth distribution and other exhibition information. The exhibition catalogue is not only issued during the exhibition, but also more and more published on the exhibition related websites, which is an important basis for visitors to formulate the exhibition plan. Therefore, we should try our best to use the free editing page of the exhibition catalogue to publicize the new products, new services and the latest development of the company. We should emphasize that the benefits of the products to customers are more than the technical data of the products themselves.

A kind of Prepare a full set of media materials

The complete media materials should include the media release about the new product launch or the latest development of the company (emphasizing the benefits brought by the product to customers), the company background introduction (it is better to quote relevant factual data), high-quality pictures, etc.

A kind of Inform the media of the exhibition activities

Learn from the exhibition organizers which media will report before the exhibition (most exhibition publicity guides list the media to be reported), and pay special attention to the deadline for submitting publicity materials, and timely submit relevant news and photo materials. The relevant media publicity materials should be sent to the publicity manager of the exhibition organizer at the same time to ensure that they are released in the official exhibition preview and Exhibition review.

A kind of Consider sponsorship opportunities

Sponsorship can help you stand out from many exhibitors. Most exhibitions provide a variety of perfect sponsorship opportunities for exhibitors, including printing advertising signs in a variety of exhibition supplies and occasions. In order to obtain the best sponsorship return, the most appropriate sponsorship combination should be selected according to the exhibition objectives and the exhibition organizers.

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