Medical conference

The 71st annual meeting on hepatology in 2020

AASLD 2020

Time: November 13-17, 2020

Venue: Boston, USA

Brief introduction to the meeting:

The liver meeting is the largest and most authoritative hepatology conference in the world. Every year, more than 9000 hepatologists and professionals from all over the world come to the meeting to share the breakthrough research results, new treatment guidelines and the latest treatment progress in the field of Hepatology.

Founded in 1950, the American Association for the study of liver diseases (AASLD) is a leading international organization composed of scientists and related professionals dedicated to the prevention and treatment of liver diseases. It now has more than 5200 members around the world, including hepatologists, surgeons, scientists and other health care professionals. AASLD promotes the science and practice of Hepatology, improves the quality of patient care, and provides scientific treatment for millions of patients with liver disease through educational conferences, training programs, professional publications, and cooperation with government agencies and sister societies. AASLD's vision is to prevent and cure liver disease (without permission, reproduction of extracts from this site is prohibited - field international medical conference network).


Government representatives, hospital managers, department directors, deputy directors, doctors and experts, researchers and pharmaceutical enterprises in related fields.

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