Medical conference

The 14th International Congress on gastric cancer in 2021

IGCC 2021

Time: April 1-3, 2021

Venue: Houston, USA

Brief introduction to the meeting:

IGCC is a biennial global conference sponsored by the international Gastric Cancer Association (IGCA). The theme of the conference covers the basic and transformation research, prevention, diagnosis (including early diagnosis and screening), treatment and rehabilitation of gastric cancer. The international Gastric Cancer Association (IGCA) was established on March 29, 1995. Its purpose is to provide an international forum for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of gastric cancer, and to promote the eradication of gastric cancer worldwide. Theme: the evolution of gastric cancer science; the future of gastric cancer treatment.


Government representatives, hospital managers, department directors, deputy directors, doctors and experts, researchers and pharmaceutical enterprises in related fields.

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