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The main purpose of exhibitors participating in the exhibition is to promote enterprises, products and find more partners, so their demand for exhibition halls lies in how to better promote cooperation.

The key to the success of an exhibition hall design skill lies in whether it can attract the attention of the audience, especially the professional audience, and make them interested in the contents displayed. Excellent exhibition hall design requires a strong visual attraction and visual impact, so as to arouse the audience's interest in the exhibition hall, and directly deepen the memory and recognition of exhibitors. How to stand out in the numerous booths in order to achieve good visual effect, the key is to see whether there is personalized design different from other booths. In this process, no matter whether the final economic benefits or agreements are reached, the exhibitors have achieved or partially achieved the purpose of exhibition - effective information transmission. As a result, they will have an affinity for the booth and naturally enter the booth for consultation, visit and cooperation.

Exhibition hall design from the perspective of exhibitors to consider the problem, understand the problem, and finally solve the problem is the most important.

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